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This website will focus on how to make money online!


have you been looking for different ways to make money online? I have been in the exact same spot looking for different ways to make some extra bucks when it is needed.

Working from home can be very convinient for most people and i have now gathered what i know to be the best ways to make money online in one place!

I have decided to list one from each category that i think is the top one! Then i have set up pages for each category so feel free to choose wich one suits you the best!


The best surveysite!

This is the number one surveysite in my opinion! Very easy money and fast payouts!☺️

They have everything from watching short videos of everything between food,workout,funny videos and much more!

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The best site to trade with cryptocurrency! As a bonus also earn 158$ for free!



For those intersted in cryptocurrency! I think that cryptocurrency will soon have a very big rising in value that is why i myself focus alot on making as much cryptocurrency as possible right now when the economi and stockmarket will turn as it will! This is also very easy money for everyone, some quizzes and answers in one hour and you'll get 50$

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Rating: 5 stars
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Mining Crypto Easy

Very easy cryptomining, feel free to join my network of miners and earn even more. Passive income and can be used at any time, just running in the background. The mining rate is adjustable to your preffered capacity from time to time. If you want to join me, just click the pic.



The best Freelancing Website!



Fiverr is a website for any freelancer that are good at a specific thing, such as hosting websites, programming, teaching a language or basically anything! This pays various depending on how much you charge and there are no limits on how much you can earn!

This can work as a sidehustle or even a fulltime job depending on how much time and effort you will put down!

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Become Affiliate 


Becoming an affiliate is "easier said than done" i tried for many years to sell products and earn comissions but never really got it to work, it takes some time and practise to learn how to sell a product and make it on the market! the hardest part about being an affiliate is to reach out to an bigger audiance!

This website can increase/boost your website with huge amounts! They Also have an Affiliate program so either if you look to grow or become an affiliate it is worth a visit!

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