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The best Freelancing Websites!



As in the first page, Fiverr is a website for any freelances that are good at a specific thing, such as hosting websites, programming, teaching a language or basically anything! This pays various depending on how much you charge and there are no limits on how much you can earn!

Click on the picture to earn your money now!



usertesting is a website where you get sent tests to your account! You are supposed to test different websites and share your thoughts about the tested website, most of the tests take about 10 minutes and you get paid 10$! They Also have tests for 30 min and 60 min that pay 30 and 60$! This is very easy to use and fast money!



Clickworker is a website/app where you recieve different type of assignments! Exemples could be talking pictures or film a video of something particular or even as is as taking a selfie! 

they Also have different type of surveys when you answer 3 questions, sometimes more and get paid! Very easy money and require no experience at all!